We are Italian. We’ve grown up in an environment rich in arts and crafts, history and culture.
All projects start as dreams in out mind.

Each of our original designs is the result of  the unique creation process  that starts from exploring the Client’s personality, listening to his  ideas and discovering  his passion and lifestyle. Understanding the persons’ individual traits and unique wishes is the basis of the project concept. The vast experience, gained  over the years in the luxury interiors world, reinforces the creative spirit of the SUNPOOL  team.Thanks to our finest Italian craftsmanship, we  create  exclusive  modern and traditional design solutions to meet clients’ needs and overcome  their expectations.

Ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance;
Summer opening and winter closure of  pool;
Removal and storage of winter cover.


Chemicals for the treatment of water;
Spare parts and accessories for any type of swimming pool;
Check the correct operation of cleaners and control units.

Hydraulic assistance for the removal of perdit;
Replacement of coatings;
Modifications or renovations to existing installations.

External cooling systems with water nebulization;
Project and implementation of LED lighting;
Water games and ornamental fountains.

Hydromassage baths

Project (fluid and electric) for public and private pools;


Even the longest trip begins with a single step. Take it now.

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